Safety Shoes, Gloves and Suits

Safety Shoes:

Specification for safety footwear for professional use: Footwear with characteristics suitable for protecting the wearer against injuries that may occur in the professional sectors for which the footwear has been designed, with toe caps for providing protection against impact, when tested at site.

Special Features:

  • Penetration resistance
  • Conductive footwear
  • Antistatic footwear
  • Electrically insulating footwear
  • Heat insulation of sole complex
  • Cold insulation of sole complex
  • Energy absorption of seat region
  • Water resistance
  • Metatarsal protection
  • Ankle protection

Safety Gloves

Special features

Safety gloves are hand garments meant for the protection of the wrist, hand, fingers, and thumbs from adverse processes or conditions. These items are virtually limitless in application and find employment in both industrial and commercial marketplaces. Their functionality is determined by the material and design of the glove.

  • Gloves are for "minimal risk" where the risk of any injury if not wearing a glove is small and it's effects would be easily reversible
  • Gloves are for areas of specific risk where there is a risk of injury
  • Gloves are for applications that can cause serious harm or irreversible side effects. Gloves in this category are for Gloves in this category
  • Garments protect against chemical splashes and spills
  • Provide protection against electricity, high voltage, and other sources of electric shock

Safety Suits

Safety suits are made of special designed clothes which protect from injuries arises due to fire accident or where temperature shoot up.

This form of suits is worn to protect the user from harm. Lab coats worn by scientists and ballistic vests worn by law enforcement officials, which are worn on a regular basis, would fall into this category. It provide excellent protection from dusts, pesticides.

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