Stainless Steel Hose / Steam Hose / CNG Hose/AC Hose/Car Wash Hose/Carbonless Hose for Furnaces

Stainless Steel Hoses

We can provide with a range of Stainless Steel Hoses. Stainless Steel corrugated flexible hoses are offered from 6 mm (1/4”) to 300mm (12”).

Special Features:

  • Light weight hoses combined with high physical strength
  • Suitable for extreme temperature from -270oC to +700oC
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Resistance to Moisture, Fire, penetration and abrasion
  • Absorbs noise and vibration from pumps, compressors, engines etc
  • Corrects mis-alignment problems
  • Compensates for intermittent or constant movement
  • Compensates for thermal contraction or expansion of piping
  • Provides a flexible alternative to rigid piping in difficult to reach locations

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