Stainless Steel/Steam Hose

Stainless Steel/Steam Hose

Stainless Steel/Steam Hose

Industrial steam hose is suitable for handling saturated steam and superheated steam continuously below the temperature of 235°C or intermittent conveying below the temperature of 160°C. The steam hoses are made of high quality rubber. And steam hoses, whose reinforcement layers are made of braided steel wires, are highly resistant to heat and high temperature.

Steam hose applications:

suitable for steam cleaning, steam hammer, vulcanizing machines, injection molding machines and hot pressing equipment in all fields of industry.


  • Long service life.
  • Excellently resistant to high temperature, corrosion and high pressure.
  • Lightweight and flexible.
  • High strength and good anti-destructive performance.

Here are our steam hose products: PTFE steam hose and wire braid steam hose.

PTFE steam hose finds its applications in mechanical industry, electronic industry, military and chemical industry. The main feature is that it can convey highly corrosive media in the high temperature of 250°C because of its corrosion and high temperature resistance.