High Quality Drilling Hose

High Quality Drilling Hose

High Quality Drilling Hose

The drilling hoses have found their wide application in the extraction of minerals such as oil, and gas. With the help of the drill pipe, a drilling mud is injected into the well at a very high pressure, most often technical water, hydrogel solution or clay-based solutions. The drill hose is also used between oil tankers and drilling wells in the sea. Drilling hoses can be used on stationary and mobile drilling rigs, for drilling wells in the sea. The hose for drilling is also used for damping vibrations of rotary plants. In this case, it is made of small length and serves as a compensator.

Production process and construction

The drilling hose consists of several successively stacked rubber layers and a metal braid.

  • The base is an internal rubber tube, manufactured using special rubber and synthetic mixtures.
  • Next layer is a textile braiding.
  • The power metal braid is made of high-strength aluminum wire, which is laid on one of the rubber layers by a coiling method.
  • The outer layer of the drilling hose is made of a special rubber compound, resistant to abrasion, flaming and UV.

Buy hoses for drilling and vibration absorbing

You can order drilling hoses lengths in meters and in fixed coils of 3, 6, 9, 18, 21, 24 meters.

Price for drilling hoses

The price for drilling hoses depends on the quality of the materials used.